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Chasing the Holy Spirit, Serving an Invisible God.
“ God will save you from your problems, but don’t think that means making you comfortable. He saves you from your troubles by giving you a greater trouble: stripping you of yourself and making you like him. God is an all-consuming fire. And yes, he rescues you from your ‘fiery furnace’, but only by placing you in the greater furnace of himself. This fire, though, leads not to destruction, but refinement. ”
  • When people tell me their faith is weak, I ask them,
  • “Are you reading your Bible regularly?”
  • “Not really.”
  • “Are you studying the Bible?”
  • “Well, not exactly.”
  • “Are you memorizing Scripture?”
  • “No.”
  • “Well then, how do you expect your faith to grow?” The Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God.”
“ I am coming to believe more and more as I get older that I am not so much on this earth to do great deeds of ministry but I am on this earth to overcome the deficiencies in my character; I am here to overcome that which is lacking with regard to conformity to Jesus Christ. And I do believe that overcoming those things is absolutely essential. We’re all so outward aren’t we? Got to do this, got to do that, got to help these people, got to fix them… And constantly in my heart I’m hearing, ‘Physician, heal yourself!’ ”

Paul Washer, on losing focus of how crucial personal purity is and the seriousness of the sin in our lives that we allow to remain unchecked.

(From his sermon on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-3. Watch it here. )

Hey all!

Have to share this awesome sermon “Riding The Waves” given by an awesome friend and my ministry partner for the last six years Pastor Zach. A great, challenging message about how to stand on the solid foundation of Christ in the face of uncertain and difficult circumstances.

In this sermon he references a song called “Sailboat” by Ben Rector: listen to it here. Amazing song.

And check out Pastor Zach’s blog! PastorZ.

Message given on August 17, 2014 at Living Truth Christian Center in Lafayette, California

“ In this universe there is God, there are people, and there are things. We should worship God, love people, and use things. But if we start worshiping ourselves, we’ll ignore God and start loving things and using people. This is the formula for a miserable life yet it characterizes many people today. The worldwide craving for things is just one evidence that people’s hearts have turned away from God. ”

Unknown Author

(From Francis Chan’s sermon: "The End of the World- Part I")

… what happens when worshiping God is not the solid foundation in our lives: we turn in on ourselves and start asking “Well, what about me?" with the people in our lives and the things we own resulting in us holding onto things and manipulating people that were meant to be gifts from God and affecting every relationship in our lives whether we mean for it to or not. 

Getting a better understanding of this as the Spirit continues to refine me. *Sigh* Man, am I a work in progress or what….

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